Quick and dirty blendshapetest

Preliminary rendertest

Here's a rendertest I did on the rig I'm working on. Her name is Ingrid.

A first rendertest of the rig I'm working on. Her name is Ingrid.

Here's my contactinfo

Erik Åström

email: erik DOT astrom AT dice DOT se

Some work I did on Mirror's Edge


The first two loadingscreens are mine.

All the disarms that I did for the game.


These clips are not uploaded by me btw.

11 second club-clip I made.

Here's a clip I made from a soundbyte off of the 11 second club website.

Full Throttle Chuck Taylors

I decided to paint my new Chuck Taylors with a Full Throttle-motif. Enjoy!
I'll update with better images soon.

Welcome to my new blog! etc...

This is supposed to be an animationblog but I gotta find a webhotel first so I can actually post some movies down the line. So you're gonna have to live with other miscellaneous stuff in the meantime.

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